Parent information

At Clarence House we aim to build successful partnerships with parents where there is two-way communication and parents and practitioners really listen to each other and value each other’s views and support in achieving the best outcomes for each child.

We operate a ‘key person’ system. A member of the staff is assigned to a child and their family and is be responsible for the child’s needs and development. Before a child joins Clarence House, we organise a home visit to introduce the child and his parents to their key person. The key person them helps the child to settle in the nursery.

The key person makes observations of the child’s progress and development and keep s a diary of child’s activities. Parents have regular planned meeting with the key person to talk about child’s development and next steps at the end of the first month to discuss settling in and after that at each term.

Our room leaders create monthly ‘activity at home’ sheets to let our parents/carers know what the children are doing at the nursery and to encourage observations, input and comments from them, as we respect parent’s involvement in their child’s development.

Our managers have an ‘open door policy’ to encourage parent’s communication and share information, views and suggestions.

We also keep parents informed by sending out regular newsletters.

Parents are also invited into the settings on a regular basis for volunteering, assisting with outings and nursery events.