Clarence House Chatteris receives ‘Outstanding’ rating in their OFSTED inspection

OFSTED inspection rated us GoodCongratulations to Kristen, Lee-Ann and all the team at Clarence House Chatteris for all their extremely hard work to get an ‘Outstanding’ rating in their recent Ofsted inspection. We are delighted with the result and pleased that another of our nurseries is Outstanding.

The highlights of the OFSTED report include:

The manager demonstrates excellent leadership skills and has driven improvements forward with great determination. Self-evaluation is embedded in practice and used effectively to ensure action plans are firmly focused on raising children’s achievement.

Outstanding professional management systems are in place to support staff to continually improve their skills and knowledge. This close scrutiny of staff performances
has a high impact on the ever improving quality of teaching, and therefore, the experiences for all children.

The manager has implemented excellent procedures to monitor children’s progress from the beginning. Staff are well supported in addressing any identified gaps in children’s development and due to the diligence shown, children make rapid progress from their starting points.

The quality of teaching throughout the nursery is excellent. Older children benefit from exceptional small group times where staff prepare children well for their move to school. Younger children happily explore and play supported by skilled staff who know them well. Their first words are celebrated during delightful conversations, giving them confidence to repeat their newly found skill.

Children enjoy the highly stimulating environment available to them, both inside and outside. They arrive with great enthusiasm ready to start playing and learning about things that interest them. Staff never tire of playing alongside, supporting and enhancing learning at every opportunity and helping children to concentrate and become fully engrossed in their activities.

Children are busy, active and behave exceptionally well at nursery. Staff have excellent strategies in place to support children and when necessary, offer consistent, timely and sensitive reminders about what is, and what is not appropriate.

You can find the whole new report here.