Clarence House Cambridge receives ‘Good’ rating in their OFSTED inspection

OFSTED inspection rated us Good
Well done to Stacey and all the team at Clarence House Cambridge  for receiving ‘Good’ rating in their recent Ofsted inspection.  We are delighted with the result although we will continue to strive for outstanding!

The highlights of the OFSTED report include:

Leaders and managers have worked hard to increase staff’s knowledge and skills. Standards of teaching and staff deployment are vastly improved. Staff morale is high.

Staff and children have very good relationships. Children are confident to ask for help and are well behaved. Staff handle children’s occasional disputes with confidence, encouraging them to share and take turns.

Sensory play for babies and younger children is given a high priority. They discover and explore a broad range of interesting materials, which helps to develop their inquisitive natures.

Staff support children’s language development effectively. They have enjoyable, two-way conversations with children and encourage them to voice their ideas and opinions.

The partnerships with parents are increasingly good. Parents are invited into the nursery to share in children’s experiences. They are well informed about their children’s development on a daily basis.

You can find the whole new report here.